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Star Trek TNG: S1 – Justice


Space hippies love skimpy clothing, prancing, and the death penalty. And Wesley isn’t getting a football scholarship to Starfleet anytime soon.

A culture crippled by public displays of erections.

Memory Hole:

No really, these outfits must have scandalized my young brain. If this show existed in the days of TiVo/DVR, it would have been the most rewound and rewatched in slow motion.

It’s a well oiled society.

The Quote:

Why isn’t Data down there? He likes to fuck.

2nd place: “Oh my god” X 5 as we see what the entire planet is wearing.

“This is why you include ‘Dress Code’ in the invitation Debra.”

Fiancé’s Favorite Moment:

Tasha is DTF, but also discovering info undercover-like.

“You really have to try the threesomes here Worf. Way better than on that slug planet.”

Fiancé’s Verdict:

Stay off the lawn meets the prime directive. Also, she finds Wesley kind of endearing.

Wes’ favorite holodeck program involves women’s gymnastics.