1. He makes interesting points about how we got where we are, but I’m not sure I understand where he thinks we should be. He seemed to be holding up the original intent of U.S. copyright as a good example, as an “encouragement of learning,” but how does that apply to the internet age? (I ask as someone who has had the content of her entire web site stolen and put up for sale in a London gallery.) If this video is only viewed as a place to begin a discussion, then I suppose it does that. I just wish it had explored possible solutions further.


  2. Great point. The series also leaves me dry when it comes to what precisely to do to address the current imbalance. It feels as if he squanders all this buildup by not exploring possible scenarios for the future. Sure, it provokes discussion, but aren’t we at the point that discussion is far from enough? We need some solutions to tear apart and build upon.


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