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Star Trek TNG: S1 – Arsenal of Freedom


The Enterprise tracks some missing Federation crew down to Target Practice Planet. Crusher breaks a leg, Geordi takes control, and Picard has to sit through a presentation about a timeshare.

The episode far exceeds the standard phaser fire quotient.

Memory Hole:

The underutilization of Troi creeps in. She gives meaningful looks for like 10 minutes before she has a line. Some episodes she’s mysteriously “away at a conference”. She must have an awesome lanyard collection to go with her scarves.

Seriously you guys?

The Quote:

What’s the armament on the Lollipop?

Don’t fuck with the Candyland Crew.

Fiancé’s Favorite Moment:

The cavern sequence with Picard and Crusher. Some of the best acting in the series so far.

Anyone have any Neosporin?

Fiancé’s Verdict:

Some good life lessons for being a good person/leader.