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Star Trek TNG: S1 – Coming of Age


The Enterprise gets a surprise white glove inspection while Wesley makes friends with a space bro that vapes.

“I can do 2 and a half Blues Traveler songs on my vape harmonica. Wanna hear?”

Memory Hole:

The episode should be titled “Everyone hates Remmick”. He turns the dickishness up to 11, which does not help him in his task to get to the bottom of “troubles on the Enterprise”.

Who me?

The Quote:

Acceptable or not, it is the truth.

Data lays down the law right in Remmick’s face.

Fiancé’s Favorite Moment:

Wesley going aggro.

“Fucking say that Gobots were better than Transformers one more god damned time!”

Fiancé’s Verdict:

Nice to see them as a family. And now she actually likes Picard for the first time.