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Star Trek TNG: S1 – Hide & Q

{Yes, we weren’t supposed to watch this one, but the fiancé saw it was a Q episode and demanded it be included.}


Q shows up to fuck with the crew, look fabulous in more costumes, and have a Shakespeare-off with Picard.

Memory Hole:

Our first real visit to Styrofoam Planet 1. It’s pretty bad.

Clouds cost extra.

The Quote:

A marshall of France? Ridiculous.

Picard is jealous of the high collar look though. Really goes with the shape of his head.

Fiancé’s Favorite Moment:

Q’s crazy punishment for losing yet another bet with Picard. This is why Picard isn’t invited to poker nights.

The power of Christ compels him?

Fiancé’s Verdict:

Fun because she likes Q. Although this one was extra silly. The Q episodes are self gratifying to the human species, pumping up our uniqueness in the absence of absolute power.