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Star Trek TNG: S1 – Conspiracy


Federation bigwigs are behaving strangely, and only Picard, with the help of his Scooby gang, can unmask the evil doers.

Memory Hole:
(forgotten gems)

There’s so much:

Picard’s shiny hotel room sheets.

Standard in every 1980s Howard Johnson hotel.

Nobody ever beams down with cold/hot weather gear.

“So are these pajamas both insulating AND breathable?”

The final bad guy dies in a really really gruesome way.

I knew that all you can eat Olive Garden ravioli was a bad idea.

The Quote:

Right in the kidneys!

-The fiancé during one of the many fight sequences.

“Do you know if these grubs have eaten an organic diet? I’m trying to be paleo.”

Fiancé’s Favorite Moment:

Admiral Roundhouse

He takes his vitamins (actual line of dialogue in this scene).

Fiancé’s Verdict:

They could have drawn out this conspiracy over even more episodes. It felt like a season finale.